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Transform patient engagement

Using machine learning and analytics, HealthVault Insights is designed to generate new insights about patient health, drive adherence to care plans, and encourage patient engagement.

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Drive adherence to care plans

Providers can create and deliver customized chronic care or wellness plans for their patients, while patients can easily customize and manage their healthcare tasks so that they can stay on track with their plans. Providers and patients can also both communicate through the HealthVault Insights app, receiving and providing real-time feedback.

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Analyze health data in one place

HealthVault Insights brings together data to give you better visibility into your patients’ health. Data sources include apps and devices, via the Apple Health and Google Fit services, as well as patient medical records.

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Increase patient learning

Patients can discover trends, correlations, and patterns about their health that are unique to their lifestyle so they can create a holistic view of their health and get inspiration to improve.


  • Personal analytics
    Applies machine learning on both unique individual trends and across populations, increasing learning for the patient and provider

  • Cross-platform support
    Works with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone and connects seamlessly with Apple Health and Google Fit

  • Medical records access
    Fingertip access to all of a patient’s health records in HealthVault

  • Engagement platform
    Enables personalization and notifications to increase patient engagement with their provider

  • Action plans framework
    Providers can leverage the HealthVault Insights action plans framework to quickly customize and distribute care plans to their patients

  • Cortana integration
    Connect Cortana to see how patients' calendar and location may be impacting their health

  • Activity feed
    Show summaries of patient activities, including device data and trends, in a single feed, enabling a new level of learning

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Our partners

System C & Graphnet Care Alliance and Tribridge are building on HealthVault Insights to create innovative solutions for patient adherence to provider care plans.

Why the other 95% matters

How HealthVault Insights can bridge the gap between office visits.

What if you could be with your patients 24/7?

Why we're building HealthVault Insights.

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